The Rules


I covet your comments on my posts…but only if they evoke feelings of puppies and sunshine.  Seriously, a little constructive criticism is okay, but my ego is very fragile.  Please deliver your comments accordingly.  Negative or hurtful comments will be removed.

For heaven’s sake, if you spot a typo, please let me know as soon as possible.  I am proud to say that I know the difference between there, their, and they’re and cannot stand to see them misused.  (Perhaps there should be a weight-loss-related punishment if an error is found, i.e. – no Tropical Smoothie for me that week.)


I am going to try my level best to stick to THE PLAN.  While my health is a very serious matter, fitting back in my wedding dress is not.  I am not going to kill myself with physical activity or starve myself of calories.  My family and I have a moderately busy social life and frequently find ourselves surrounded by good food and good fun.

I’m not going to punish myself for having a piece of cake at a church fellowship, but I will make up for it with more exercise or fewer calories at my next meal.  I’m not going to tell my children I can’t spend time with them because mommy needs to exercise, but I will try to budget my time and their time wisely.  If trying to fulfill THE DREAM starts taking precedence over my relationship with Christ or my responsibilities to my family, I will stop and re-evaluate immediately.


I am truly excited to have this online journal.  But blogging takes time.  And for a novice like myself, it takes a lot of time.  I feel like I wear a minimum of eighteen hats every day: wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, housekeeper, and short-order cook to name a few.  Blogging is something that will be reserved for my free time, which there is precious little of these days.  In fact, it’s my favorite excuse for why I don’t exercise enough…I don’t have time.

I have no idea what this blog is going to look like, and I hope it will change and get better as I go.  My goal for now is to blog a couple of times a week, probably at night after my kids are in bed.  There will undoubtedly be some miscellaneous zany stories about my day, as there is never a dull moment in my life.  But I imagine most posts will somehow pertain to my weight loss goals.

So in summary, there are no rules about my blog.  I’ll do it when I can, as I can.  No pressure on me.  No pressure on you.  :)

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