The Plan

So I want to get back in my wedding dress for a day of fun and frivolity, then celebrate with a fun vacation.  How do I plan to accomplish this, you ask?  Well, I’m making it up as I go, but it starts a little something like this…


Years ago I participated in a Christian weight-loss program at my church called “First Place for Health.”  One of the best things I learned in that program was how to read and analyze nutrition labels.  It really opened my eyes to how many calories, fats, carbs, sugars etc. I was consuming throughout the week.  I figure knowledge is power when it comes to eating smart, so I plan on reading a variety of nutrition books over the next few months.

A co-worker and precious friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful app called “Lose It.”  It’s a wonderful tool that simply tracks any calories you consume and any calories you burn.  It has most of the larger chain restaurants in its database, so it’s very handy for eating out.  It also has a barcode scanner for grocery items.

UPDATE (1/15/19):  New goal date is June 2019!


For someone who feels like she’s constantly going, I almost cringe at the thought of being more active.  If anything, I want to have more downtime!  But I know I need lots of aerobic, calorie-burning, muscle-toning activity.  It’s hard for a working mom to make exercise a priority with so many other activities going on, but I’m determined to find my perfect exercise niche.

Here are a few things I’m doing now:

  • Level 10 classes at 10 Fitness
  • aerobics videos at home
  • walking/jogging/running when I’m able

And here are a few things I’d like to try:

  • incorporating the hubs and the kids in my activities
  • bicycling (I haven’t ridden a bike since I was fifteen, but they say it comes back to you…)
  • Zumba videos (I already own them, but I’ve only tried it once.)
  • training for a 5K

My goal is to engage in a variety of these and other activities at least five days a week.


As you can see, my plan is extremely simple…eat smart and be more active.  We’ve heard this hundreds of times from hundreds of sources, so why is it so hard for me to follow?  When eating out, I often think to myself before entering the restaurant, “I am going to order XYZ because it is a light and healthy menu option.”  Then I take one look at the menu and see a mouth-watering, high-calorie entrée, and my good intentions fly out the window.

My hope is that this blog will help be more intentional when trying to make smart food selections and exercise regularly.  I think that having a very specific goal in mind (see THE DREAM) will help me stop and say, “Will ordering this menu item help me ‘get in the dress?’ ”  And I hope that when I’m tempted to skip a workout, I’ll think to myself, “I won’t make it to the beach if I give up now.”

Just like my little blog here, I hope my weight loss plan will evolve and get better over time.  Who knows where this journey will take me!  My plan is not rocket science.  But I think it’s a good place for me to start.  :)

2 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. love you, Carissa! and your little crossfit comment made me LOL. :) just wanted to drop a little note to say “you’ve got this!” will pray for inner strength. it’s hard to change habits at first, but soon becomes second nature. did i mention i love you? :)

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