The Dream

Hi.  My name is Carissa, and I want to wear my wedding dress…again.


I am 41 years old.  I have been blissfully wed to my hubby for 19 years.  We have two beautiful boys, and we love them more than life itself.  The only love that trumps these three loves is my love for Jesus Christ.  After moving 1,000 miles from Albuquerque to Jonesboro, I have called Arkansas home for over 20 years.  We now live just outside of Searcy, Arkansas, and have been here for 18 years.

After working part-time from home for seven years, I am now working full-time outside the home.  I am about 40 pounds overweight (ouch, that was hard to type).  One reason I am overweight is that I like about 1,800 types of food, especially Mexican.  We have one cat named Phineas.  My husband and I love watching movies…we own over 400 titles, and that’s not even counting TV series (ridiculous, I know).


I have this crazy dream about losing weight.  It happens like this:

  1. I adopt a new, healthy lifestyle and lose a significant amount of weight.  See THE PLAN.
  2. I am miraculously able to get back in my wedding dress.  I do the dance of joy.
  3. I ask, or maybe beg, my husband to rent a tuxedo.  He agrees.
  4. We hire a fancy photographer to take fancy pictures of us, recreating our favorite moments from our wedding day.  It is a magical experience.
  5. To celebrate my weight loss, we go on vacation to a tropical resort.  I wear a new red bikini on the beach…no wait…a red tankini.  (Let’s face it, even in my dreams, I will never pull off a bikini.)
  6. I continue on with my new, healthy lifestyle, encouraging and inspiring others to fulfill their weight-loss dreams.

And there you have it.  My dream.  In writing.  For all to see.  I must admit I’m feeling a little vulnerable right now.


Is this dream realistic?  Maybe…maybe not.  After having my insides squashed, kicked, and relocated through two pregnancies, my body is quite different from what it was on my wedding day.  Even if I get back to my pre-marriage weight, I still may not be able to “get in the dress.”  I will be bummed if I open my dress’ preservation box for nothing, but I will survive.

This dream assumes a lofty financial investment.  A fancy photography session will take a big chunk of change, and a tropical vacation will take an even larger chunk of change.  My husband and I will have to be very good stewards and look for God’s guidance concerning this portion of the dream.  If He directs us to use our money for other, more noble causes – and I do realize this dream is not a noble cause – we will put a tropical escape on our wish list for another day.


So I can live without fancy photography and the tropical vacation (although I really want both!) but I will truly be disappointed if I can’t make some lifestyle changes and stick with them.  I really want – and need – to lose those 40 pounds.  I want it so much I even designed a whole blog around it!  I feel that making my goals public will help make me accountable.  Accountable to…well…you.  And whoever else out there in cyberspace is reading this.

Please pray for me as I begin this weight-loss journey.  I need all the encouragement I can get! If you see me on my lunch break walking at the park or eating a healthy, balanced meal, pat me on the back and say “well done.”  If you see me in a restaurant ordering a calorie-packed appetizer or some rich, chocolate-y dessert, please smack me on the head like they do in those V-8 commercials.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to listen.  I hope you’ll follow my progress as I attempt to “get in the dress!”  Love and hugs to you.


*Updated 1/19/19

2 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. I love you, friend! You are just as beautiful today as you were that lovely day 14 years ago! I think this is an awesome goal, and I’ll be praying for you and cheering you on…from too far away!
    P.S. You’re a really good writer too! :)

    • Oh, my precious BFF, I got all choked up reading this! Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Yes, we are much too far apart. You should know I’m also hoping for a fun vacation with you at some point. ;) We need a girls getaway! You have been an inspiration with your morning jog routine. I wish I could borrow Jake for my morning runs…he could pull me along when I get tired! Thanks for the prayers. Love you!

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