The Dress!

dressbox2From the depths of my closet I present to you…my wedding dress!

We’ve lived in three different houses during the last 14 years, and in each house this dress box has been shoved in the bottom (or top) of my closet, mostly out of sight and out of mind.  I’ve decided not to open it just yet.  I think I’ll open it after the first of the new year, when hopefully I will be much lighter than I am now.

We have lots of photos from our wedding day, but I can’t really remember the details of my dress.  There’s quite a bit of bead work, so I remember it being pretty heavy.  I do have one really vivid memory of my dress on our wedding day:

It was after the reception, and my new husband and I had just done a “mock farewell” with our family and friends.  It was a mock farewell because we did the classic form-two-lines-and-walk-through-the-bubbles sendoff, but we weren’t really leaving.  We had so much family from Arkansas in Albuquerque (my hometown), and we wanted to spend more time with them.  We had reserved a large party room at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and we all regrouped for dinner.  It really was a marvelous time.

Anywho, after the bubble sendoff, we went to the dressing room to change.  We were finally alone, just the two of us, for the first time that day.  I asked my new hubby if he liked my dress.  Of course, he said he thought it was beautiful, and he gave me a twirl so he could get a good look at it.  As I was twirling, I accidentally stepped onto the hem of my dress and part of the beautifully beaded trim ripped right off!  Oops.  I think my mom had it repaired before we preserved the dress, but I can’t remember for sure.

I cannot wait to see my wedding dress again!  Just pulling the box out of the closet made me a little more determined to stick to my weight loss goals so I can attempt to wear it once more.  Or maybe twice more.  I really want to wear my dress in Las Vegas.  On my first trip to Vegas, I was so enamored with the sheer number of brides and grooms just walking around the streets in their formal wear!  It was awesome!  I think I’d like to walk around the streets of Vegas in my wedding gown for a day, soaking in the love from random strangers who congratulate me.  Yes.  This is going on my to-do list.

As you may have read in THE DREAM, I’m not sure that I will actually be able to fit in my wedding dress again, but daydreaming about wearing it is so much fun.  I have found that many of the weight loss books and magazines I am reading talk about the power and importance of visualizing your weight loss goals.  Well, I’ve aced that aspect of weight loss!  It’s very easy to visualize my slim, healthy self.  If only shedding the weight were that easy….

Even boxed up as it is, I think that dangling my wedding dress as the proverbial carrot in front of me will help me stay on track.  We shall see.  Thanks for taking a moment to stop by the blog.  Goodnight, friends!