Happy New Year!

I cannot believe we are about to put another calendar year in the books!  Where did 2013 go?  Well, I suppose it went to the same place most of my recent years have gone – to work and school, to church services and grocery shopping, to doctor appointments and birthday parties, to basketball and soccer games.  To all the activities and life-stuff that fills up our daily schedules.  My December, just as every month before it, was filled with plenty of activities and life-stuff…

My last blog post was fortuitously timed.  I said that I was okay with not losing any weight for the month, what with all the Christmas parties and gatherings, and the very next day I hurt myself.  Thankfully I hurt myself doing something truly heroic – vacuuming.  Because we were iced in at the time, I was giving my poorly neglected house some fairly deep cleaning.  I was vacuuming under the dining room table, and as I stooped down to extend my arm, my back went completely out.  The pain buckled my knees, and I fell on top of the still-running vacuum cleaner.  My husband and youngest son heard my cry and came to help me.  I ended up spending the next several days on a heating pad on the couch, with exercise absolutely off my to-do list.  Or more accurately, off my can-do list.

After nine days, the pain had not gotten any better, so I called on a friend of my husband’s who is a physical therapist.  I went to see him at his clinic, and he informed me that my ilium (top of the pelvic bone) had rotated out of place.  What?!?  I really wished I had gone in sooner.  He had to pop my hip back into place, then pop my lower vertebrae back into place.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I felt like a new woman.

I made it through Christmas and all our Christmas get-togethers just fine, but my lower back/hip area started hurting again a couple of days ago.  This time I didn’t wait.  I made another trip to the physical therapy clinic again this morning (thank goodness he could meet with me on New Year’s Eve), and that rotten old hip bone was out of alignment again!  He set everything back where it belongs – again – and sent me home with some exercises for strengthening my lower back and my core in general.  I’m back on the heating pad as I type this, so we are having a very low-key New Year’s Eve here in the living room watching movies.  Which, by the way, is precisely my favorite kind of New Year’s Eve.

So it looks like I won’t start 2014 guns-a-blazing as I would have liked to.  But this is just a minor and hopefully temporary setback.  I somewhat dread going back to the daily grind on Thursday after having been off for a week and a half, but it will be nice to be past the calorie-fest that was December.  And it is so nice to start 2014 already 15 pounds down from where I started 2013.  I can’t wait to make more progress!  (Watch out for an increase in blog posts as I get back in the swing of things!)

Whatever your plans or dreams for 2014, I wish you all the best.  As the old saying goes, I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.  I pray that God will reveal Himself to us in amazing ways this year.  It seems He always does….

Happy New Year, friends!  :)