The Numbers Don’t Lie

Just a short post tonight to share a small victory.  For the first time in over six years, I have dropped below 200 lbs.

scalesI think I was somewhere around 185 lbs when I got pregnant with my second child, and I cleared the 200-pound mark during that pregnancy.  And I haven’t seen a “1” in the hundreds place since then.  It’s a little hard to share these numbers with you, but I am so happy that they are steadily going down!

I know that our body weight fluctuates a few pounds throughout the year and at different points during each month, and that you should also watch BMI and other indicators to assess your healthy weight.  But jumping on the scale every morning before I eat breakfast and watching those numbers decrease (slowly, but surely!) gives me a nice little boost and lets me know my efforts are not in vain.

I am also proud to see these results on the scale since I haven’t exercised in over a month.  I still haven’t gotten back into my exercise routine since hurting my hip, but I have been diligent in counting my calories and planning my meals.  I hope to reboot my exercise routine next week…we’ll see how the old hip feels on Monday.

Hopefully I won’t see that “2” in the hundreds place for a long time…maybe even forever.  :)

8 thoughts on “The Numbers Don’t Lie

  1. Small victory? I think not! THATS AWESOME!!!

    I have been struggling with exercise for over a month. Mine is motivation. You’ve encouraged me to set a schedule and stick to it!!

    • Yes! I’ll be opening my dress preservation box soon, and I’m sure it’ll give me the urge to go through all my photos. I’ll be sure to share a few wedding day pics. ;)

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