A Football Feast!

Happy Labor Day!  Hope that you are enjoying this holiday weekend.  We certainly are!

Saturday we spent most of the day in Jonesboro for Legislative Day at Arkansas State University.  My husband is a State Representative, and he and several colleagues were honored throughout the afternoon.  It started with a lunch at 1:00pm, then we went to a reception at 3:30pm.  The main event was the Redwolves football game at 6:00pm, which we watched from the Chancellor’s Box.  Lunch, a reception, AND dinner?!?  Food was everywhere!

Even though I’m allowed a couple of cheat meals each week, I was hoping that there would be a few healthy options.  The ASU catering team did not disappoint!  Lunch enabled me to get almost all my veggie servings: cabbage slaw with pine nuts, asparagus with crabmeat, and grilled cauliflower.  Delish!  My only cheat at lunch was a piece of strawberry cake.

ASU Meals

I forgot to take a photo at the reception, but it was very nice also.  They had a variety of fruits and cheeses set out, as well as several other appetizers.  I had some cantaloupe, pineapple, and strawberries.  Not really sure how, though, since I was still full from lunch!

I figured there would be some food for us in the Chancellor’s Box, but I had already told my husband I was eating a hot dog and popcorn for dinner, my two favorite ball game foods.  As luck would have it, they had hot dogs for us, and since I did alright at the lunch and reception, I didn’t hesitate to splurge at dinner!  I had a chili cheese hot dog, a stuffed jalapeno pepper, and a Howl cookie.  Never got my popcorn, but my belly was plenty full and plenty happy.  :)

We had an awesome day, and to top things off, the Redwolves won their first home game.  Driving around Jonesboro and around the ASU campus always brings back lots of great memories since my husband and I met here.  Good times.


We have been celebrating our Labor Day at home, and tonight we are grilling burgers and eating outside on the patio.  Kind of one last summer hurrah.  I like summer just fine, but not as much as I love fall and winter, and all the events and yummy foods that come with these two seasons.  I’m also looking forward to cooler temperatures so my outdoor exercises don’t leave me in a sweaty puddle.

Hope your Labor Day weekend has been filled with fun.  Fall is only a few weeks away!  Next weekend will be our local county fair, and I can assure you that my cheat meals will be saved for corn dogs and funnel cakes.  Woohoo!

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