Asics Gel-Nimbus 15 (aka: one-fourth of my paycheck)

New ShoesMeet my new running shoes – Asics Gel-Nimbus 15’s.  Aren’t they pretty?!?  At first I thought it sounded like something from Harry Potter, but they are indeed a magnificent pair of running shoes.  (And they should be for what I paid for them!)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been having some wicked shin splints (but more on the inside of my leg), and I knew that I needed proper running shoes.  I called my sister-in-law, a CrossFitter and a previous resident of Little Rock, and she suggested several specialty running stores in the area.  This past Sunday afternoon, I set out to find the perfect pair of running shoes for me.

Here’s what I learned at my first stop, Easy Runner in Little Rock:

  • I have a “neutral gait,” no special inserts or corrective shoes needed.
  • A good pair of running shoes should last 300-500 miles.
  • I have been neglecting stretching before I run (tsk, tsk, tsk) which could be one culprit of my shin splints.
  • I should be taking in electrolytes before, during, and/or after my run to help with muscle recovery.
  • Asics loves to make very loud shoes.  No dull, boring colors for them.
  • There are special compression socks for running.  They support your arch, have a seamless toe, and wick away moisture.
  • Running can easily become a very expensive habit.  There was all kinds of neat gear in there!

I tried on several pairs of shoes at Easy Runner, but didn’t find any winners.  I did buy some fizzy electrolyte/sodium tabs and a special hand-held water bottle for runners.  I moved on to Academy Sports in North Little Rock…no luck there, either.  Although I did get some running socks there.  My final stop was closer to home at Hibbett Sports in Searcy.  I had already tried on several pairs of shoes at Hibbett last week, but I wanted to look in Little Rock before making my decision.

A nice young man helped me narrow down my options until two pairs were left:  a pair of Brooks and a pair of Asics.  I loved both equally, but the Asics had more rugged soles.  Because all my running is on asphalt, I figured that more rugged was the way to go.  So I handed the young man one-fourth of my take-home pay to buy my first pair of running shoes.

New Shoes x 3I wore my shiny, new Asics Gel-Nimbus 15’s for the first time tonight for a run with a couple of friends from work.  Each of us has purchased new running shoes in the last month, so I had to snap a pic of our new kicks.  :)

My new shoes were a dream!  So springy and comfy.  I think I made a good choice.  Now I’m not only running to “get in the dress,” I’m running to get my money’s worth out of these shoes.  Ha!  I still have a lot to learn about running, but I’m ready to hit the pavement again.  And hopefully it will be less painful now.

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